Identity is rarely prioritised within social work practice as a developmental need of importance for care-experienced individuals, despite its centrality to promoting positive outcomes for those who have been cared for by the state. Care-experienced people face additional challenges in developing a strong sense of identity due to the instability and ruptures that are experienced within the care system. In this short blog series I will be exploring the themes of care-experienced identity using my findings from my undergraduate dissertation and offering my reflections on what they *actually* mean for somebody who has experienced the care system.

Care-experienced people are…

I have always been relatively outspoken about my experiences both within the care system and mental health services. I think a lot of this stems from having my voice silenced for so many years, but also from the normalisation of relaying personal histories and traumas every time a new practitioner would enter the picture. The truth is, the constant pursuit to be listened to is exhausting. But what is more exhausting is the constant pursuit from organisations to exploit this vulnerability.

I remember my first encounter with what would now be considered a participation group. I was 15 years old…

Lys Stone

Social work student & care experienced. Probably rants too much on Twitter

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